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TPU: An eco-friendly and resistant material

TPU, used for the YOMI range and all the new products, is a new recyclable and biodegradable material, odorless and chlorine-free. An innovative and long-lasting material, TPU combines technical properties of resistance and flexibility. It ensures excellent resistance to extreme temperature conditions (high and low), and has outstanding impact, tear and UV resistance properties.

Thanks to TPU and the optimization of its packaging, MOJOW is part of an eco-friendly approach and aims to considerably reduce its carbon footprint.


MOJOW products develop distinctive signs! Selected by prestigious Museum shops (Centre Pompidou, MoMA San Francisco...), they are on display both indoors, as unique pieces of decoration, and outdoors, as iconic outdoor furniture.

Indoors or outdoors, at home or in museums, all MOJOW products ensure that quality is never compromised. Thermal or mechanical resistance, anti-UV treatment, eco-responsible TPU... A review of details no further than below!


All MOJOW products are designed in Touraine, in the gardens of France. Imagined by their creator Olivier Santini, the Yoko, Yomi and Ziba are developed by the ALIXE design office.

The SIPO wooden structure of our WOOD range also comes from the Touraine region.


All MOJOW products are guaranteed for 1 year and up to 3 years thanks to warranty extensions. To discover the list of warranty extensions, it's over here...


Our products are designed to last. Thanks to a special hyper-resistant 0.8 mm PVC, thicker than a swimming pool liner, a MOJOW chair can comfortably welcome a person weighing up to 150 kg (300 kg of resistance for a sofa).

Dogs and cats are welcome! The hyper-resistant TPU of our armchairs and sofas allows our pet friends to enjoy the comfort and safety of our chairs and sofas. Be careful though: If you have a young dog who wants to teeth, or a cat who wants to sharpen its claws, they will obviously damage your MOJOW. Therefore, it is impossible to accidentally pierce your MOJOW. Our products are only afraid of accidental stabbing!


Anti-UV treatment: no risk of fading, all MOJOW products benefit from a quality anti-UV treatment.

TPU is a "cold" material. Transparent models are special because they let the sun's rays through, so your skin doesn't get burned when you're out in the sun!

Conductivity rules are a little different for our opaque armchairs and sofas. While the white models reflect the sun's rays and therefore remain comfortable even in direct sunlight, the other opaque models will prefer a shaded area.

Precautions for use: In hot weather and sun exposure, it is advisable not to overfill your YOMI sofa (the air contained will tend to warm up and therefore take up more space).


The stainless aluminium structure is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

For our WOOD ranges, the structure in SIPO, a hyper-resistant wood, does not require any specific treatment. It too is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.


All our products are flame retardant, in order to meet the safety standards of the luxury hotel industry.

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